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Small Town Fairy Tales

The Purple Shoes

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The new Purple Shoes album talks to its audience through song presenting a quirky blend of English infused Americana with a Folk/Pop twist. The Purple Shoes share thoughts, dreams and small town fairy tales.

The band showcased some of this new material at a sell-out show at the Ropetackle Arts Centre in September 2018 before collaborating with renowned producer and festival promotor Duncan Stewart to begin their first Album. Along with BBC sound engineer Martyn Backer and the best of local session players Marie and Mike continued to record the songs they have crafted over the years together into the first Purple Shoes Album.

With songs such as ‘Small town Fairy tale’ Which tells the story of a split personalty caused by addiction with the narrator portraying a dark honesty and a haunting truth that most people can relate to.

Some songs have different vibes entirely with the joy of ‘Angel Shoes’ which tells of a friend who goes travelling and how they must not return until they have stories to bring home with them.

The album leads you on a journey through peeks and lows just like life and the struggles we all go through. With deep and meaning full lyrics alongside cheerful music, some of the songs give the impression that that they are happy songs until you listen closely to the words.

The Purple Shoes can digest what seems idyllic through the presentation of their Small Town Fairy tales. They project a beautiful world, but then they invite you to dig deeper, to make you realize that despite the ideology we all feel the same.

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An indie-folk triumph that will allow you to unwind and remember what made you initially fall in love with music. ” - New Music Platform

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FATEA Magazine album review

Small Town fairy tales by The purple shoes

A collection of songs possessing local essence, distilled from contemporary experience, then flavoured and seasoned with a shared love of 60's counter-culture and of rock and roll.


The Purple Shoes

Twenty first century folk/rock

Female fronted twenty first century Folk/Rock with haunting harmonies and distinctive rhythm. The Purple Shoes talk to their audiences through song presenting a quirky blend of English infused Americana with a Folk/Pop twist. The Purple Shoes share thoughts, dreams and small town fairy tales. 

The Purple Shoes

Sold out local venue the ropetackle arts center. November 2019



'Solid backbeats and deep rhythms'

-Entertainment focus

Marie Dance returned to the UK from Thailand, having spent three years touring and recording clutching a handful of dreams and a bunch of unfinished songs, she ran into singer and guitarist Michael Bickers who was walking around the South Coast waving a blank canvas.

Discovering a mutual love for the 60s counter culture and the traditional values of Rock and Roll, the pair headed for the quaint seaside town of Shoreham-by-sea to surround themselves with likeminded misfits and immerse themselves in the flourishing scene.

Teaming up with seasoned function player Richard Dadson on double bass and acclaimed STOMP choreographer Theseus Gerard on assorted household percussion, Marie and Michael began performing regular shows and steadily started to build a following across the South Coast of England under the name The Purple Shoes.    

In 2016 the band headed up to the celebrated KSI Studios in rural West Sussex to record Marie’s solo album ‘Things Have Changed’. After a successful launch Marie and Mike spent the second half of 2017 promoting the album on an extensive tour of the UK and Southern Ireland.

With their onstage rapport and quirky stage show, interest in The Purple Shoes band began to develop. Despite the success of Marie’s solo album, Marie and Mike decided to turn the attention to the band as a whole and began writing and recording demos for The Purple Shoes debut album upon returning from their tour.

The band showcased some of this new material at a sell-out show at the Ropetackle Arts Centre in September 2018 and again in November 2019, before collaborating with renowned producer and festival promotor Duncan Stewart and BBC sound engineer Martyn Baker to complete their first Album.


Haunting Vocals, cracking stage presence. They drag you along with the sheer fun they are having”

— Brighton Unsigned Magazine

Marie Dance released her solo album “Things Have Changed” in April 2017. After a successful launch and a string of local promotional performances, Marie and Purple Shoes Guitarist Michael Bickers embarked on a nationwide tour as the Purple Shoes to promote Marie’s album and to showcase new material written by the band. 

After 6 weeks of playing to sold out venues across the UK and Ireland, the band returned to the Studio in early 2018 to begin work on a new album. As demand for new recorded material became apparent from the bands 10000 plus supporters online and regular live following, The Purple Shoes released a 3 track ep in the summer of 2018. Following the release of the EP, Marie and Michael were invited to perform as part of the 2018 line up of the touring Canadian folk festival where they opened for the acclaimed Americana band Gordie Mackeeman and his Rhythm Boys.   

In September of 2018 The Purple Shoes played a headline show to a sold out crowd at the well known Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham by Sea.    

In December 2018, The Purple shoes signed a publishing contract with global music production company Rehegoo Music. The band released 2 singles through the label in 2019 ahead of their fourth coming album release. 

Despite spending extensive time in the studio they have made a number of festival appearances and returned to the Ropetackle in November 2019 for a 200 capacity sold out performance of there new and original songs, with many special guests to really showcase there music. It would be safe to say that they have a very loyal following and fan base on there home turf on the south coast of England.

Marie dance and Michael Bickers have become the core of The Purple Shoes and together have written more original songs which they are now putting together for their debut Purple Shoes Album. Using an array of great musicians they have both met and worked with along their separate and combined journeys to complete the Album as a full line up as it should be.   

The Purple Shoes play as a full band with double bass and funky percussion played with a spoon and also tour as a duo with a more stripped back acoustic set. Catch a live full band show for the full experience or catch the stripped back duo for a more intimate and delicate set full of beautiful melodies ans sweet harmonies. 

Song of the month 2019

Melody’s eyes

We love this song’

Rehegoo music label 

Due to Covid 19 all gigs will now be performed online until further notice :(

Isolation Chambers with The Purple Shoes

During lockdown 2020

The Purple Shoes offered an hours entertainment with music fun and banter every Wednesday night, to keep there fan going and help to keep peoples spirits up. The Isolation Chambers (Iso Bar) became very popular along with the short video adverts they created every week to offer people a bit of lighthearted silliness durin tough times.  Subscribe to the Purple Shoes Youtube channel to watch all three series. Click below>>

Previous events

Small world Festival

 —  —


The Purple Shoes will be playing small World, dates and times to be announced soon

The Purple Shoes Spanish Tour

 —  —

Murcia , Murcia

The Purple Shoes Duo will be on a one week mini tour around Murcia, Spain. locations of there events will be announced soon

The Purple Shoes

The West Street Loft , West Street , Shoreham-by-sea

An Intimate event with The Purple Shoes and Paul Diello in this fantastic music venue The West Street loft. Expect a jam packed evening of beautifully crafted original music. The Purple Shoes will be hosting the evening as a Hickory Signals take over.

The Purple Shoes Full Band

The Neptune , Hove

The last Date of the year for The Purple Shoes. Come celebrate in style with the Shoes on this magical evening. 9pm Start

The Purple Shoes Full Band + Guests

The Duke Of Wellington , Brighton Road , Shoreham-by-sea

Expect a fantastic show with The Purple Shoes full band plus guests from there Ropetackle Show. See out 2019 in style and have real good time this festive season. Free entry for this very special Sunday afternoon with the Shoes.

The Purple Shoes Duo

 —  —

The Stanley Ale House , Lancing

Marie and Mike will be performing a lovely Sunday afternoon acoustic set at this very friendly, music loving venue. Great ales and company so come along and enjoy the vibes.

The Purple Shoes

 —  —

The View Cafe , Worthing

An intimate one hour show with Marie and Mike. Playing new Material and stripped back favorites

The Purple Shoes

Coventry Festival, Coventry

War Memorial Park, Coventry, CV3 6PT. Food festival with music from The Purple Shoe. Over 100 traders in the beautiful park enjoying music and food


Small world Festival

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