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Small Town Fairy Tales

The Purple Shoes

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The new Purple Shoes album talks to its audience through song presenting a quirky blend of English infused Americana with a Folk/Pop twist. The Purple Shoes share thoughts, dreams and small town fairy tales.

The band showcased some of this new material at a sell-out show at the Ropetackle Arts Centre in September 2018 before collaborating with renowned producer and festival promotor Duncan Stewart to begin their first Album. Along with BBC sound engineer Martyn Backer and the best of local session players Marie and Mike continued to record the songs they have crafted over the years together into the first Purple Shoes Album.

With songs such as ‘Small town Fairy tale’ Which tells the story of a split personalty caused by addiction with the narrator portraying a dark honesty and a haunting truth that most people can relate to.

Some songs have different vibes entirely with the joy of ‘Angel Shoes’ which tells of a friend who goes travelling and how they must not return until they have stories to bring home with them.

The album leads you on a journey through peeks and lows just like life and the struggles we all go through. With deep and meaning full lyrics alongside cheerful music, some of the songs give the impression that that they are happy songs until you listen closely to the words.

The Purple Shoes can digest what seems idyllic through the presentation of their Small Town Fairy tales. They project a beautiful world, but then they invite you to dig deeper, to make you realize that despite the ideology we all feel the same.

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