1. I See You

This song takes the form of a conversation between two people and also discusses the issues of loneliness and a yearning to break free from the trappings of a small town.

The conversation is between two friends or acquaintances in a bar, one looks sad and is drinking alone so the songs narrative opens with lines directed at this character. ‘I see you there drinking by yourself, do you need a friend’

As the verse begins the role of the songs narrator switches to the lonely character at the bar who begins to describe how he is feeling, at a loss at this stage of his life.

The Next chorus is sung solely by the female singer who continues to sing the next verse alone. In this verse she describes her own feelings of loneliness within a crowd. This is followed by the final chorus sung initially by the male character asking the female if in fact she needs a friend. As if happy to find one another the two voices sing out the song in harmony repeating the last line ‘do you need a friend’ one final time.