1. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruze was written on a hotel roof top in Santa Cruze, Spain.

After walking laps of this Spanish and non-tourist town we failed to find a bar with any atmosphere and couldn’t for the life of us find any live music.

All we found where empty bars and restaurants with people eating. It seemed everywhere we turned people where just eating and then heading home.

Restaurant after restaurant we finally gave up and went back to our hotel and took one guitar up to the rooftop. We began to sing about our experience and about how this town had let us down.

We had no idea where the party was….

We finished the whole song and then decided to go out one more time in search of a party.

This time, purely by chance, we did find a small little bar with some life going on.

We got chatting to some lovely Australians who invited us to a boat party the very next evening.

The next evening we went to the boat party and had a wonderful time partying with the Starlight crew.